Snake Wallahs

Snake wallahs

Snake Wallahs began when Claire and Julian Taylor won the tender for an Art commission for the 2013 Mega Mela Festival in Manchester, funded by the Arts Council. They made a Giant Cobra Snake and Snake Charmer Puppets. The snake is 15 metres long and needs 10 puppeteers to operate it. Julian focused on the structure and movement of the puppets
and Claire brought the beauty and colour to the design. They worked with a team of Artists to manufacture them.

Since the Snake was made it has been to a number of Festivals including Glastonbury, Green Man and Shambala. Thanks to our many Snake Wallahs who do a fantastic job puppeteering for us at events and festivals.

Julian made a larger than life Horse puppet which has since performed as a Snake Wallahs production, both as a Horse and a Unicorn.

Please visit the Snake Wallahs website to see further information and collaborations.