“Creating Artworks on Hats has been a fun, creative outlet for expression. With an element of the ridiculous, these are made for specific events and are often worn out at festivals.”


It all began with the Stonehenge hat being made for a Lantern Company Solstice themed party, in 2013. This hat was later adapted for a Kazimier Space themed night, with the addition of a light up ‘space ship’ hovering above the stones.

Winter Fairytale

This hat was made for a friend’s ‘winter fairytale’ wedding in 2018. Made to be worn in the evening, as the lights inside create a more magical atmosphere.

Magical Woodland

Created for another friend’s themed fancy dress wedding, this hat reveals a scene inside giving a glimpse to an alternative reality. This time using solar power for the light inside.


The base of this hat was bought many years ago at a festival, and is apparently part of a plant found in the rainforest. It was decorated for magical fancy dress themed work in the kids field at Green Man in 2015