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Visual Minutes

A live, illustrated record of conferences, debates, meetings and events.

visual minutes

Visual Minutes is a live, illustrated record of conferences, events, meetings and debates. It is the art of listening and capturing words in a dynamic, creative and exciting way. The minutes unfold live durng the event and the information is brought to life with illustrations and colour. It is Key Note listening, pulling out the key themes, messages, main points and words. It is a way of making information digestible.

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Claire works in a team of artists and illustrators and has been developing Animated Visual Minutes. Below is an example of a promotional video they were commissioned to make for the Eden Project. There are more examples of their work at

visual minutes
For further information on Visual Minutes,their suitability for your events and the availability of Claire and her team, please contact Claire on

The Eden Project has encouraged the More than Minutes team to develop their work and has provided a platform for new ideas to be tested. Claire had the idea of 3D Visual Minutes which she created with artists Kirsti and James at a Neighbourhood Planning Camp.

3d visual minutes

Claire's blog also carries further examples of Visual Minutes she has been involved with.
The Guardian newspaper wrote an article on Visual Minutes, click here to read. The article includes contributions from Claire.

visual minutes


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