Preston Guild

Preston Guild 2012

This is a special event, as England's oldest festival, which only happens every 20 years.The event's organisers, Walk the Plank, asked Claire to run some master class workshops on 'Making Giant Structures'. These were aimed at group leaders from the many participating community groups so that they could gain skills to be able to make structures for the various four parades of the festival.

For the Community Parade Claire worked with the Muslim community running workshops to make the Five Pillars of Islam for their float together with 3D stars and moons and banners. Claire also worked with Julian Taylor to assemble the float and bring it all together for the parade.

pillars pillars

Claire worked with Jo Foley and Julian Taylor on an artwork for 'Plumbs', an upholstering firm, for their piece in the Trades Parade. They were commissioned to make a Giant Chair, which was one of the biggest non-engine based structures in the parade. The chair was moved by four men, pushing it from inside. 'Plumbs' upholstered the chair using material advised by the artists.


During the parade a lady sat on the chair dressed as Alice in Wonderland, with a giant bottle of potion made by Claire and Jo, referring to the incident in the story where Alice drinks to make herself shrink. Plumbs also attached lighting and the chair featured in the Torchlight Procession..


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