Go Penguins was a celebratory public art event which took place throughout Liverpool, St Helens and the Wirral during the festive season from 22 November 2009 to 10 January 2010. In all some 235 penguns were on display. Commissioned by Liverpool City Council for their Year of the Environment, the event was delivered by Wild in Art who were responsible for organising the highly successful Go Superlambananas event in 2008.

Claire had significant involvement in the project. She designed and painted her own 'Together as One' penguin, depicting emperor penguins huddled together for survival. She also worked with three primary schools to develop their representation of chosen environmental and community topics. Finally she worked on painting and installing sets to display some of the penguins.

Together as One

together as one together as one together as one
The design shows penguins huddled together.
"I associate penguins with this survival activity rather than being alone on their own. It highlights the importance of sticking together which I value as an important part of living in a community."

The sponsors for 'Together as One' were Port Sunlight Museum & Garden Village together with Wirral Council. The penguin was located in the lake in front of the museum.

Community Projects

north end north end
These penguins were located in Liverpool at the Edward Pavillion, Albert Dock. They are described below.

Diversity Now

north end north end

Claire held workshops on the topic of Diversity with children from Mab Lane Primary School. The children's designs mirror the diversity of our modern society. A case of art reflecting life. Claire incorporated these individual designs into the final penguin design. The project was assisted by Dovecote Diverse and sponsored by Yew Tree Ward Councillors.

Altogether Now

altogether now altogether now

Claire held workshops based on Diversity with Blueberry Park Primary School children. Each of the children designed their own penguin alongside each other and they celebrate differences through varying characters and styles, The individual designs were then incorporated into the final penguin design by Claire.
The project was assisted by Dovecote Diverse and sponsored by Yew Tree Ward Councillors.


cracky cracky cracky

Claire held workshops based on the topic of 'Climate Change' with Year 2(aged 6yrs) children at Northway Primary School, Wavertree. The penguin was designed and painted by the children under Claire's guidance. This is one of the smaller 3ft pengins. Sponsored directly by the school, it is retained by the school.

.. ..Get Set, Go Penguins


Claire was involved with the painting and assembly of the sets on which some of the penguins were displayed. The one above shows penguins and eggs on a cracked ice floe. This display was at 08 Place, Tourist Information Centre, Whitechapel.



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