Manchester Day

The first ever Manchester Day took place on 20th June 2010. Commissioned by Manchester City Council its aim has been to celebrate everything that is uniquely Mancunian. It is now a regular annual event and has expanded from being a colourful city centre parade to include amazing spectacles and performances in the city squares and elsewhere.
The creative process that makes Manchester Day such an outstanding spectacular event is curated by 'Walk the Plank'. Claire, as one of Walk the Plank's artists, was involved in the inaugural 2010 event and has been involved in all but one of the events since.

Manchester Day 2016

signage signage

Claire has project managed, designed and been part of the production team for the Manchester Day Signage for a number of years now. Each year approximately 80 signs are created for the Community Groups in the Parade. In 2016 the theme for the Day was 'Eureka' and the chosen image to reflect this was the iconic lightbulb symbol.
The artists on the team were Holly Lanley, Chris Murray and Gill Smith.

Manchester Day 2015


In 2015 the theme for Manchester Day was 'Game On' and Claire worked with the Indian Association to make Giant Chess Pieces for the parade. This work celebrated the fact that Chess originated in India and the pieces created were inspired by antique green and white Indian chess pieces


Claire also worked with artists Holly Langley, Chris Murray, Sian McArthur and Rowan Watts to create the Parade signage for all the community groups. The image used was part of the branding for thw whole event

Manchester Day 2014

In 2014 Claire worked with the City of Sanctuary to make an Idiom Machine.The idea was to play with language and create a platform for dialogue between participants in the group and the general public visiting the event. Some of the idioms wers acted out, such as 'from the frying pan into the fire'. Others were represented visually and people had to guess them. Claire found it fun making an interactive, static artwork rather than the usual moving work for the parade.

Claire also worked with artists Holly Langley, Chris Murray and Rowan Watts to create the Parade signage for all the community groups. The signs were colourful fish to fit in with the artwork at the Head of the Parade.

Manchester Day 2013

Claire worked with the same community groups as in 2012: The Indian Association and Manchester Carers. She found it valuable being able to build on existing relationships, working together to create unique artworks and costumes for the parade.

The Indian Association decided to use Holi as their inspiration, an Indian festival where they literally throw colour. In the 'WOW' studio Claire methodically threw paint, one colour at a time, gradually building up a representation of Holi chaos. Recipients of the paint and colour chaos included Saris and Turbans as well as material for flags made in a workshop at Sale Grammar School, and structures made with the Indian Association volunteers. Walk the Plank completed the theatrical visuals on the event day using colured smoke from their special events team.
Manchester Carers chose to portray The Wizard of Oz. The overall theme of the parade was 'Wish you were here' so they depicted Manchester as the 'Emerald City'. During open workshops, the group made models of various Manchester landmarks. Claire later assembled these together in the studio with a team of artists. Manchester Carers were pro active in making their costumes, the yellow brick road and decorating buggies and carts.
oz oz

Manchester Day 2012

Birds of Paradise and Chakras

In 2012 Claire worked with The Indian Association and Manchester Carers.

For the Indian Association, Claire worked with children from St Bede's Preparatory School and Sale Grammer School to make some forty 'Birds of Paradise' which they carried in the parade on June 10th. Claire also made the Sun which led the Indian Association's section of the parade and also housed their PA system.
birds sun birds

Claire worked with the Manchester Carers to make a spinning Chakra Sculpture and Chakra Umbrellas.
chakras chakra umbrella chakras
. The trolley and frames for the above were made by artist Julian Taylor.

Manchester Day 2010

The Peacock and His Flowering Garden

The Peacock, national bird of India, also represents qualities synonymous with Manchester - a bird and city full of beauty and pride.

Claire, as designer and project manager, worked with artist Graham Robinson to produce the Peacock for the Indian Association section of The Manchester Day Parade. She also worked with children from selected schools to make their lotus flower and lily pad hats; the elements of the Peacock's Flowering Garden.

View the Peacock on YouTube by clicking here.

peacock peacock
peacock lotus
lotus lotus


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