Claire Stringer

Energy in Transition

pink energy red energy
Pink Energy Red Energy
61 x 61cm 61 x 61cm  (sold)

"My work is inspired by energy and the tensions between chaos and order. I am interested in the way different colours interact and how they make people feel. Colours form relationships and behave differently depending on their form and dominance. Layers are built up to create depth and a presence of time in the work".

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Undercurrent contemplation
Undercurrent Contemplation
62 x 90cm 50 x 70cm  (sold)

repelling forces 1 repelling forces 2
Repelling Forces 1 Repelling Forces 2
40 x 50cm  (sold) 40 x 50cm  (sold)

cell triangular composition pink assortment
Cell Triangular Composition Pink Assortment
40 x 50cm 30 x 40cm 30 x 40cmcm  (sold)

yellow journey tonal echo urban journey
Yellow Journey Tonal Echo Urban Journey
40 x 50cm 40 x 50cm 20 x 20cm


Sky Line
Sky Line
50 x 50cm  (sold)

The Buzz Light Sound
The Buzz Light Sound
40 x 50cm 40 x 50cm
(This painting now available
as a greeting style card. See Sales)

Blue Translation Chance Encounter
Blue Translation Chance Encounter
40 x 50cm 40 x 50cm  (sold)

Pink Groove 1 Pink Groove 2 Rest 1 Rest 2 Blue Sample
Pink Groove 1 Pink Groove 2 Rest 1 Rest 2 Blue Sample
10 x 15cm 10 x 15cm 10 x 13cm 10 x 13cm 14 x 14cm



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